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What ever happened to that Occupy thing? Last I heard there were internal debates, a lack of leadership and about 1000 things that needed to be protested against. You know, I went to their site last year, and I even "friended" them on Facebook. Know what I saw? A bunch of arrogant people shoving their philosophies down other's throats. Seriously, if you ever questioned their tactics or disagreed with them... oh boy, watch out. It was strikingly similar to the Rush page, or one of them other Right-Wing Fascist sites. They all are locked into their own ideas, and they'll be damned if you'll tell them otherwise. I only write this because I heard some blip on the radio tonight regarding that Occupy thing, and I was like, "oh yeah". They prided themselves on not becoming a part of the "system" and now look at them... no one really gives a shit about what they have to say anymore. Well, either way, there are bigger fish to fry... like that train-wreck of a Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. Only a fool would vote for that guy... but, you know what Occupy? At least the fool can vote for him. Just saying...

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