4th of July Block Party

Danava, Long Knife, Gaytheist, Paradise, The Suicide Notes, , Diesto, , Bison Bison, The Cry, White Murder, Guantanamo Baywatch, Youthbitch, The No Tomorrow Boys

When: Thu., July 4, 3 p.m. 2013


This year's lineup for East End's fourth annual Fourth of July Block Party is plenty reason to shut down a street. It's yet another assemblage of local heavies, including two of my favorites, Danava and Gaytheist. Since the release of 2011's Hemisphere of Shadows, Danava have been touring incessantly, turning gray matter into soup in the States as well as Europe. The good news: The band recently signed to Tee Pee Records, and will begin work on their next LP this summer. Gaytheist is currently man-handling audiences on the strength of the excellent Hold Me... But Not So Tight. Add about 10 more equally heavy bands, and this party generates enough power to level a city block. Enjoy it while you can. MARK LORE Also see Destination Fun.

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