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Hours: Daily 11:30am-11:30pm

Price: $$

The Goose Hollow Inn is a Portland institution, its walls covered with city photos and memorabilia. Opened in 1967 by Bud Clark, former mayor of Portland, it's always prided itself on being a bar for conversation, making it the perfect spot for putting the world to rights. It's cozy, friendly, and full of regulars. In winter, it almost feels like being tucked up in a chalet, and it boasts one of the most popular decks in town during the summer. There are around a dozen beers on tap (including local brews from Breakside, Deschutes, and Double Mountain), and the bar menu includes an extravagant Reuben and roast beef sandwiches. MJ SKEGG

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A great neighborhood spot that would perhaps fall under the category of gastropub, considering their focus on quality food with a lot of local ingredients. Their sandwiches are crowd favorites (the Ruben here has a legion of fans), plus other goodies including some decent veggie selections, nice soups and hearty salads. A dozen beers on tap, specializing in high quality micros, and they serve a good deal of local spirits as well. The interior is very woody and comfortable, sort of like a ski lodge without the broken legs and hot cocoa. The bar is owned by former mayor Bud Clark and hence is a hub for lively Democratic political discussion and just a plain 'ol good place to hang out.

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Price: $$

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Happy Hour Info: Sun-Mon 9pm-12am $4 micro of the night, $5 wine of the night, $5.50 cocktail of the night, $6 "Best Reuben on the planet, $1-4 small plates.


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