A Volcano, Ah God, Young Dad, Mister Tang

When: Tue., April 30, 8 p.m. 2013


Young Dad might be the perfect antidote to all the '90s-revival folk and pop music that's in heavy rotation around town (not that it's a problem, there's just a lot of it). This four-piece makes loud, cathartic, noisy music that you'll want to thrash your head along with. Their Bandcamp page is stocked with some new, rowdy recordings that will be exciting to check out live. Meanwhile, Ah God is Chad Davis and Cody Berger of Talkative, and they make explosive, experimental noise rock that spirals into the melodic and makes you feel like you're stoned. Oh wait, you probably are stoned. Paired with A Volcano's fantastic, raging shreddy-metal, this is a lineup of hugely underrated PDX bands. RACHEL MILBAUER

Price: $6

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