Anamanaguchi, Chrome Sparks, The Shortsleeves

When: Fri., June 7, 7:15 p.m. 2013

Premiere chiptune group Anamanaguchi make music that sounds like a convulsive, coked-out interpretation of the Dragon Warrior soundtrack. But it's the variety of pop influences that extend beyond standard nerd-dom to which the band's immense popularity can likely be attributed: Songwriter and guitarist Peter Berkman claims to be immensely influenced by Weezer and the Beach Boys, in addition to the classic videogame scores that obviously inform much of the band's sonic leanings—the grainy, 8-bit aspect of their music is programmed using the same hardware responsible for the music in old NES and Gameboy games. Their penchant for pop is evidenced on the band's new record, the ludicrously titled Endless Fantasy, specifically on the cut "SPF 420," which totally does sound like Weezer... in outer space! MORGAN TROPER

Price: $12

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