Anarchy in Little Beirut

The Thornes, Whiskey Dickers, Celebrity Graves, Dirty Kid Discount, Vodka Wilson Overdrive, Secnd Best, The Decliners, Rotties, The Ex-Girlfriends Club, Monica Nelson & the Highgates

When: Sat., March 8, 7 p.m. 2014


In just under an hour, the new Anarchy in Little Beirut compilation CD crams 21 of Portland's brashest, snarliest, snappiest punk bands into a definitive snapshot of the current state of PDX punk. (Spoiler: The state is fast, loud, rip-snorting, and surprisingly diverse.) The tracklist runs the gamut from local legends to young upstarts—Monica Nelson and the Highgates, Vodka Wilson Overdrive, the Thornes, and the Ex-Girlfriends Club are just some of the many names on the back cover—and tonight 10 of those bands celebrate the CD's lurching, ear-damaging release into this world. Best of all, the $7 cover charge lands you a free copy of Anarchy in Little Beirut to take home. NED LANNAMANN

Price: $7

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