Ancient Heat, Adventure Galley, Béisbol, Sex Life DJs

When: Thu., Oct. 25, 8:30 p.m. 2012

I don't know what the critical divide is that separates a group of like-minded, similarly dressed people from a full-on cult, but Ancient Heat are toeing the line. Or at least they were when they numbered nine. Now that they're down to a more manageable seven, they still espouse the gospel of the discothèque with amazing efficacy thanks to their jaw-dropping live shows. There has always been something a little wacky about disco that revival acts don't always capture. But Ancient Heat own their eccentricities like a sexualized Polyphonic Spree. Breanne Antonius' and Krista Wangner's vampy vocals float atop pulsating beats and synths and, of course, horns. Even with its silly chorus, their flagship track, "Oh... You Bad," is among the most dance-fueling songs I've ever heard. The swoon-worthy trumpet solo toward the end transcends any amount of dancehall gimmickry. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $6

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