Ash Borer, Hell, Ephemeros, L'Acephale

When: Thu., June 26, 9 p.m. 2014


These days, the West Coast pulses with impressive heavy bands, and relatively big cities like Portland and Oakland are receiving lots of attention for their metal scenes. But metal has never really been the domain of urbanites, and on Thursday, two excellent acts from smaller Cascadian towns will descend on Rotture for a night of depravity. Ash Borer is from Arcata, California, where their ambitious, atmospheric black metal must stand out among the dreadlocks and footbags. With songs that stretch out 10 minutes or longer, Ash Borer's sound is all about the build: from bittersweet drones and swirling blackened fuzz to sweet, howling, blast-beat-powered release. They'll be joined by Hell, a rising one-man band of misery from Salem whose hulking sludge/doom moves at the pace of a death march. Still okay with your life and the world in general? Then get there in time to see local despair-dealers Ephemeros and Hail open. BEN SALMON

Price: $10

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