Autre Ne Veut, Majical Cloudz

When: Sat., March 9, 9 p.m. 2013


"Play by Play," the opening track from Autre Ne Veut's second album, Anxiety, is one of those immediate, huge, perfect pop singles that consumes your entire listening habits for a good week, perhaps even longer. Gradually finding a beat and a melody out of its opening synth blurbs and meandering glissandos, Autre Ne Veut mastermind Arthur Ashin slowly turns the screws, ramping up to the desperate emotion that fuels all great pop songs. Midway through, "Play by Play" explodes into a tightly coiled, future-synth gospel anthem. It's undeniably great, the type of effortless R&B/dance masterpiece Justin Timberlake would give his suit and tie to coo over. While the rest of Anxiety is pretty good, sometimes its digital timbres take on a harsh, fluorescent-light quality. But there's no denying "Play by Play"—expect it to be the peak of tonight's show. NED LANNAMANN

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