Bad Religion, The Bronx, Polar Bear Club

When: Sun., April 14, 8 p.m. 2013

Bad Religion's 16th(!) album, True North, is tough to distinguish from any release since ace studio drummer Brooks Wackerman joined the ranks in 2002 on The Process of Belief. The band, now in its fifth decade together(!!) is undoubtedly a pole-setter for contemporary punk rock, and probably more importantly, a lightning rod for clear, analytical lyrical dissertations on everything from socio-economics, theology, American politics, and more, thanks to frontman Greg Graffin's enormo-brain. The LP's single, "Fuck You" (timing is everything; forget you, Cee-Lo!), retains the band's layered vocal harmonies, blistering pace, in-your-face guitars and smart, biting commentary; the difference is that it's not really very dangerous anymore. But dude! It's Bad Religion! Make sure to get there early to witness the return of the Bronx, too; their new album, The Bronx (good luck finding the right one; they're all self-titled) is sort of dangerous-sounding. RYAN J. PRADO

Price: $25

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