Baptist Generals, Blesst Chest

When: Fri., July 12, 9 p.m. 2013


It took the Baptists Generals 10 years to record Jackleg Devotional to the Heart, the follow-up to the Denton, Texas band's 2003 album No Silver/No Gold. (Band ringleader Chris Flemmons reportedly junked an early version of the album back in 2005.) Not that Jackleg is a monolithic endeavor like m b v or a mammoth clusterfuck like Chinese Democracy. Far from it. It's a fairly modest, folk-flecked, sleepy-eyed album that has more than a few moments of transcendent liftoff, most notably the "Turnunders and Overpasses"/"Oblivion" two-fer that comes somewhere near the end of Side One. Off-kilter lyrics and arty shards of pop stick out from the band's organic arrangements, which are a little reminiscent of Califone, and the songwriting is uniformly terrific, even if Flemmons' enthusiastically bleared howl is not always as, um, musical sounding as the rest of the album. Beatlesesque string arrangements complete the confection, making Jackleg Devotional to the Heart a rewarding and lasting listen. NED LANNAMANN

Price: $12

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