Benoit Pioulard, Cars & Trains and Mojave Bird

BenoƮt Pioulard, Cars & Trains, Mojave Bird

When: Sun., March 10, 8:30 p.m. 2013


Benoît Pioulard is the mysterious pseudonym of Thomas Meluch, a former Portlander living in England. His new album, Hymnal, out this week, is a work of fascinating sincerity. Meluch's voice is nice—comforting and affecting without ever overdoing it—but it really serves to anchor the strange sound collages underlying it. Meluch is exceptionally good at taking found sounds and transforming them into something immediately accessible. Thematically, Hymnal is inspired by Meluch's Catholic upbringing and the preponderance of ancient cathedrals in England. Cars and Trains' Tom Filepp shares an aesthetic sensibility and a sense of musical maturity with Meluch, both being drawn to found sounds and analog recording. But where Meluch leans toward the ambient, Filepp focuses on deep layers of instruments, like woodwinds, strings, and horns. REBECCA WILSON

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