Big Business, The Bugs, Selektor Mancampus

When: Sat., June 22, 9 p.m. 2013


You may have forgotten about Big Business, the loud-as-fuck two-piece made up of metal-maniac funny guys Jared Warren (Karp, Tight Bros from Way Back When) and Coady Willis (Murder City Devils, White Shit). You may have forgotten, NOT because you're eating too many pot cookies, but because Warren and Willis joined the Melvins a few years ago and bounced around the world several times in the King Buzzo bandwagon. Well, lemme tell you, THEY didn't forget their biz. Noooo! They've added another guitarist, a long-hair named Scott Martin, and now they're touring and playing new songs from a record due out this fall called Battlefields Forever. I say Big Business forever. KELLY O

Price: $10

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