Apologetic Asshole



To the girl that felt I almost hit her while she was biking. A heart-felt apology to you. I know you cursed me, though I could not hear it. I am an asshole, if that's what you were thinking. And I apologize for everyone driving who may pull the same maneuver. Of course, I was aware of you, so least to say I would not have hit you, but I was impatient, and I am sorry for that. I could have waited the 5-10 seconds it would have taken you to pass me before I crossed the bike lane to get into the turn lane. However, I cut you off. I saw you and I was an asshole. However, I want to reassure you that I would never have done it if I knew it put you at risk, even though that's exactly what it means to ride your bike at night near the Lloyd district at night with only a weak front light for any measurable way to see you. That is not a critique, just making a point that anyone needs to make themselves incredibly visible at night to be safer. And the rest is up to drivers like me not to be assholes. Again, sorry.

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