Gay Bashing at a Gay Party isnt Gay



Hey aggro drunk white dude that hate crimed me during gay pride! You fucking suck. I spent 4 months of work organizing a party for my community, spent over an hour on my makeup and making sure my secretary outfit was prefect for my chubby femme body, and i spent a lot of time trying to create a space for my queer community to dance so we could forget assholes like you exist. However; you still had the nerve to bring you and your wife to my gay party, grab her by the throat, and then when i asked you to leave- you fucking threw your goddammed beer on me and punched me in the face. Do you feel like a big man coming to gay pride to beat up lesbians? You better hope to god, I or any of my pissed dyke friends dont see your fucking ugly face ever again because my heels and chubby body are going to fuck you up and leave you uglier.

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