It’s You, Not Me



Maybe you can’t find people to work for you because:
- I am not fluent in Spanish, have museum experience, and want to be on-call for $11/hr
- I am not fluent in Portuguese and only want to be employed for 2 months
- I don’t have 4+ year work experience to only be an intern
- I am not a “rock star” nor “office ninja”
- I don’t know how to respond to your ad when you say your company is so cool it has no rules and then post about 20 rules on how you cool you should be to work for you
- I don’t want to pay you to be an intern
- I don’t want a temp job at your company to train new hires
- No one has hired any new grads in the past 5 years and therefore people with 3 year’s work experience do not exist for your entry level job
- You send employees to job fairs to talk to students but then never respond to emails about jobs
- You only post jobs for senior management jobs and custodians but nothing in-between
- You cancel all the internships after posting them on your website, yet the rest of your jobs ask for people with experience in your industry (at least 1 year)
- I had to work full time at a crappy job just to pay for school (including summertime) and therefore not be able to get any internships elsewhere
- I am not currently doing exactly the job that you have posted but at another company
- I have written so many cover letters and after never hearing back from anyone, maybe I am a little tired of putting so much effort in something that will be never read

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