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There's this one site in Portland where people can write about stuff, but not give they're name. They get to remain mysterious, which is sometimes pretty cool. This site also allows people to comment on these writings and if you're a frequent visitor, you'll soon recognize familiar names. Most of the people who comment are ok, none are rocket scientists and then there's the select few are are just dicks. Anyway, this one time, a dick got booted off because he was trying to antagonize people, sort of like a wittle baby who's not good at sharing his candy... a bully baby, maybe. So, this wittle baby gets booted off, but does he actually leave? No. He's still on that site, under a different name, but his pathetic attempts at attention are so see-through, it's totally obvious it's him... or her, or it. I mean, it's really sad, to get kicked off and stuff, and then try to get back in with a different ID. I think the Yahoo comment boards would suite this person better, because it's filled with his kind of folk. If you really think about it, he's sorta stalking this site, which is a little creepy if you ask me... but, you didn't, so I'll go...

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