Dear local author of an "activist" blog. (I won't get into the topic because it will derail how I feel about you as a person.)

You are the most sanctimonious, arrogant and ugly little man. What you do has no value. In fact there are plenty of people around Portland who could do so much better. You're frequently racist, sexist and consistently stupid.

You think you're a journalist? No, you're just some two bit fucking hack with a keyboard that can use a Wordpress template. I wish you weren't so fucking established because a rat could fill the void and do a better job. Someone set out the trap.

I wish people would stop taking you seriously, or alternatively that you could learn some humility and gain some perspective. (Oh my god there are people in Portland that aren't white and middle class! WOW) But I know that's not going to happen. In the mean time, I encourage you to ignore all the fucking stop signs you come across.


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