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Ok my turn. I comment on all these I Anonymouses so I might as well hold myself up for examination. Be as cruel as you need to be todd mecklem, jrr trollkein, That dude who looks like the parks and rec guy...

I did the married guy cheat thing for a few years.This is to the accomplice. She wont read this because she is brazilian and out of the age group and out of her mind but in true I,A fashion I submit my deepest batshit crazy thoughts for all to peruse.

Hey I know we ended on a bad note with me going to the company about your crazy threats. But its been a couple of yearsand I just want to say you were good in bed like you said . Be proud and move on. I was out of my depth it meant too much to me. We had good times fucking everywhere like from behind in your parking garage and at the movies and I will always cherish those fuckbuddie moments. Now that I am over the imagined closeness we had I can appreciate the intense rabid need we shared. Sorry you blew it but I guess thats the way you usually say goodbye.

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