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Another week, another Mercury music section, so let's cut right to the chase. It's time for the second annual Malt Ball! Beer! Bands! Saturday! Wonder Ballroom! Get doused in sound and soused on beer! And don't say we didn't warn you.
• • •
Death Songs has a magnificent new record. Sung Inside a House is not just the equal of anything songwriter Nicholas Delffs has done with the Shaky Hands, it's the most honest album title since Fleetwood Mac's We Recorded This in a Very Expensive Studio While Surrounded by Mounds of Cocaine. Wait, they never named an album that?

LISTEN: Death Songs - "Overdose"
• • •
Ben Folds Five are back! And still don't know how to count.

LISTEN: Ben Folds Five - "Draw a Crowd"
• • •
Cody Chesnutt stopped womanizing and now focuses on what really matters: community, love, soul, art, and not spoiling his daughter's appetite before dinner.

LISTEN: Cody Chesnutt - "Don't Wanna Go the Other Way"
• • •
Plus the usual mash tun of Up & Coming shows.



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