Video Vriday! Jonny Rodgers, Epp, the Vandies & More



Vanna White, it's Video Vriday!

Check out this astonishing video from Jonny Rodgers, who uses tuned wineglasses, guitar, and loops to make some awfully gorgeous music. (He was recently featured on the soundtrack to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon.) Rodgers recently relocated to Oregon from Brooklyn, and his new album Everything All At Once comes out October 8 on Epitonic. He plays this Sunday, September 29, at 9 pm at the LaurelThirst Public House. Please do not spill his wineglasses.
• • •

Local emcee Epp has gained plenty notoriety as part of TxE (he's the "E") and guesting on projects by Cool Nutz, Cassow, Illmaculate, and more. But he never release a solo album until this week, when Chrome Plated Chronicles came out on Tuesday—check it out over on Bandcamp and iTunes. Here's the video for the aptly titled "Watch This," which premiered back in May but still provides an ideal introduction to Epp's solo stuff. The video, from Artistic Outlet Media, makes good use of the Northwest's lush verdancy.
• • •

The Vandies make groovy girl-group rock (check out their previously featured video for "Chinatown"), but for "Bright Lights," the Portland five-piece went out to the farm, coming back with this golden-dappled clip that starts off slow and quiet before building up a rockin' conclusion. Fans of ladies in boots (timidly raises hand) will find this a remarkably compelling watch.

• • •

Here's Cool Nutz' latest video, for "Loveless" from his recent joint Bars. That's Arjay on the chorus, as Monsieur Nutz expresses the trials and inspirations that have kept him repping the Pacific Northwest and, more specifically, his Portland hood. Beejan directed this one; meanwhile, Cool Nutz opens for DJ Quick and Suga Free at the Roseland on Saturday, October 5.
• • •

Ben Darwish's Morning Ritual project recently released this video for "The Drought," from The Clear Blue Pearl, which also features Shook Twins. Directed by Sean Rawls and Chapin Hemmingway, this incredibly good-looking clip looks to be shot in Eastern Oregon, making use of the farmlands and ghost towns that dot the area. It's soothing with a slightly ominous undercurrent, like stumbling on a mythic land where all is not what it seems. Darwish has a new project in the works, a multimedia performance called "The Lonely Night," which will take place over five performances at the IFCC (Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center) on the weekend of October 11-13. The 10-song composition has been roughly described as "hypnotic R&B."
• • •

We'll end today with one from Soul Minor and his recent album Permission to Shine) (mentioned earlier this year on a Music Monday post). While this finished video is new, it's been in the works for some time, making use of footage shot during the Occupy Portland protests in November 2011. Soul Minor also shared a couple videos about how the video was made—check out part 1 here and part 2 here. It's a pretty interesting story and it resulted in some remarkable shots of Soul Minor rapping directly in front of riot cops. On that cheery reminder of a distinctly uncomfortable bit of Portland's past, go forth and weekend!



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