Weird Enough for You, Portland???



To the folks that ran the show at the Rose Garden for Weird AL last year (2012). Yeah, you KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I was there, enjoying Weird Al in all his glory. Weird Al Fucking RULES!!! Yeah, I said it! You know you also made dance routines to his music videos when you were "younger"!! Any-fucking-way. I was at his show with my husband and two guys (who were apparently Al's biggest fans), Got Kicked out FOR BEING WEIRD AL"S BIGGEST FANS!! WTF. They even had banners and home made puppets. Apparently Al got them so excited, they couldn't even sit down. Yeah, it's a FUCKING Show. Next thing I know, the security is kicking them out. See ya $40 Weird Al ticket. Fuck THAT! Weird Al is BACK and you Super Fans BETTER BE BACK to see Weird Al this year! See you in the Weird Al Pit!!! Raising Hell Like My Salami!! Make My Boobie One More Size! Just Eat IT!! Cause I LOVE Rocky Road Bithches!!! & I'm addicted to Spuds.

Kickin people out for being a super fan??? Weird Al, I know it was your lip sinyc posse and Not you. Your like a surgeon. So white and nerdy…

If people get all freaked out this time….. Let's just all enjoy the weirdness of Al, for REal!!!

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