Why Didn't We Work Out?



You sent me that In a text and an email question.... Here's why: you suck in bed. I wished you really sucked whilst in bed with me especially but you don't or won't . Therefore you suck; in bed. Foreplay is not on your radar nor is anything remotely kinky to you.,I ate you out many times..,,
And yes I did question your interest in oral at our sexual beginning a few weeks ago so this is no surprise.

When we ate meals together, you really were in for chatting. I asked to hold on while I finished my chewing and the like. You really just wanted to have us two watch each other eat. Why? We eat!? Why you gotta watch me while I chew?you got mad when I was done and excused myself to clean up a bit. Not too fun if oral isn't your thang.
When we did fuck, you were all frigid. If you broke out a camcorder of sorts I'd understand but nooooo. You are a true portland weirdo (who couldn't fuck to save their life)..
Fuckbuddies,lost ......

To sum it up. You suck, just not me and for now, just not you.....

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