You are Still an Asswiper



You! In the 1963 dodge challenger, or you in the 1927 modelT ford. Or even you in the 68 fucking chode .

Just because you decided " today was the day to take out your baby" and wear a strange hat...I don't get why you don't drive such a fragile angel as such.....

Most of you motherfuckers have no goddamn courtesy when it comes to actually driving your cherished assmobile. Here's a few suggestions...

1) yeah yeah, nice hat. Go fuck your mother.

2) just because you are driving a $40,000 or more auto doesn't mean shit as far as road rights are still having to obey like the rest of us....

3) yes, I am contemplating getting an ice cream from the ice cream truck and if you have to wait for me, then so be it. It is my right to make YOU wait,while I make up MY mind. Mr. Revving it all out!

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