You are trying to fuck me, it's not gonna happen.



I really want to screw you too. That's the bigger problem. I'm locked in to a relationship. I am happy here with that.

We made out 3 times. I tittyfucked you twice. I ate you out once.
I want to fuck you like no-ones business.

Your eyes looking up at me and my poor choices looking down on me. I want us to seal up the deal but I can't.

I'd rather just keep,eating you out once a month anyway. Your eyes again.....

I just want you to keep the respect with my family and not call me at home. If we can keep this, we will eventually screw and oh my god; it will be fantastic.

I know this is your favorite column and we have a hard time connecting once our clothes are off.

When it is time, however, we shall fuck like pouring silk......

Shhhhh in the meantime.....

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