, Blue Skies for Black Hearts,

When: Fri., Dec. 7, 9 p.m. 2012

When I first became involved with the music scene here, I developed a remote kinship with Pat Kearns of Blue Skies for Black Hearts. I spent the majority of my free time in high school exhuming and obsessing over obscure power-pop bands like Shoes and the Records (after a while, Big Star and Badfinger simply weren't enough) and was pleasantly surprised to discover a fellow champion of classicist power-pop was contemporaneously making music in that same vein, in my hometown. Not a lot of local releases have hit me as hard as 2008's Serenades and Hand Grenades did, and last year's follow-up, Embracing the Modern Age, was pretty damn good, too. Blue Skies for Black Hearts provide precisely what their name suggests: a inspiriting, sympathetic soundtrack for those who have been ravaged by love. They're like an umbrella in the rain. MORGAN TROPER

Price: $6

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