Coma Serfs, Charts

When: Sun., Sept. 15, 8 p.m. 2013


The free Sunday shows at Rontoms are some of the city's best for scoping upcoming local acts. Increasingly, these new bands arrive swathed in fuzzy auras, swollen with feedback and deep-fried in oily vocals. Portland's Coma Serfs fit this mold handily, barking bratty vocals like "I don't wanna take it" in the spazzy garage-punk number "Closer" from their brand-new demo tape (available for preview on the band's Bandcamp). Drawing from the traditional wellspring of skuzzy surf guitar rock means any subtlety is sparse, but Coma Serfs make up for it with genuinely engaging blasts of psychedelic mindfucks that fans of locals like Wooden Indian Burial Ground and Still Caves will fall deeply in love with. RYAN J. PRADO

Price: free

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