Danny Brown, OverDoz, TxE

When: Fri., May 24, 7 p.m. 2013


Danny Brown is a proud member of the newest generation of hiphop, a student of the genre who grew up listening to his parents' golden-era records and has since transmuted that history into a new thing entirely. Equally influenced by Bay Area street legend E-40 and left-field eccentrics MF Doom and Dizzee Rascal, Brown looks the part, with a David Bowie-inspired haircut and a funky thrift-store wardrobe which famously caused 50 Cent to reject him from the G-Unit family. It's telling that Brown once remarked that getting Aesop Rock's cosign on Twitter humbled him more than if Jay-Z had done the same. Local trio TxE recently did get the Jay-Z cosign on Hova's blog, which featured producer G_Force's remix of the Radiation City song "Zombies," with bars from Tope and Epp. RYAN FEIGH

Price: $16-20

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