Death Songs, Graves

When: Sun., Dec. 2, 9 p.m. 2012


Death Songs' music is not what you would immediately anticipate based on their name. Nick Delffs (of the Shaky Hands) writes rustic, folky songs that are simultaneously elegant and simple, mellow and upbeat. The balance achieved in these compositions creates a fluid sound that, upon first listen, feels comforting and familiar—maybe because it's easy to relate to the honesty and yearning in the lyrics. Their music has a raw country western twang, combined with a poppy Paul Simon personality. Pedal steel guitar, compact rhythms, and Delffs' husky, warbling vocals come together to craft a graceful arrangement of music. Sung Inside a House, Death Songs' excellent new album, is due out in January on the Post-Consumer label. RACHEL MILBAUER

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