Deer Tick, Robert Ellis

When: Wed., Oct. 23, 8:30 p.m. 2013


Deer Tick is the name of frontman John McCauley's bluesy, gravelly folk outfit. And the band's reputation for beer-fueled sets and puking through interviews may have calmed down with the release of their fifth studio album, Negativity. Released in September (and recorded in Portland, with Steve Berlin), the album is heavily autobiographical for McCauley, who had a troubling few years dealing with personal battles. The record shows a refreshing maturity that should comfort old and new fans alike—the band goes back to the slower, contemplative songs that ultimately disappeared on their last album, and it also experiments with gospel and more traditional folk sounds. The show might not be on the same spastic level as the late-night drunken performance I caught at Bunk Bar a few years ago, but this sounds like a healthy step for McCauley. RACHEL MILBAUER

Price: $16-18

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