Destruction Unit, The Bugs, Autistic Youth

When: Wed., Aug. 28, 9 p.m. 2013


The new album from Arizona's Destruction Unit—Deep Trip, released last week by Sacred Bones Records—is a heavy slab of rock 'n' roll that will suffocate yer ears and blitz yer brain, and you'll love it. D-Unit's origin story is hazy, stretching from the Mississippi Delta to the Sonoran Desert and touched with the presence of Jay Reatard somewhere along the way. But Deep Trip is the first real studio record from the current lineup (after a slew of cassettes and other releases), and it's an absolute beast, the kind that emerges from a swamp of serrated, psychedelic noise-punk and puts a three-guitar-shaped hole in your chest, bashing away in motorik time. Of the current wave of no-frills rawk bands (Milk Music, the Men, Purling Hiss), Destruction Unit is the most aptly named. And the most sinister. BEN SALMON

Price: $8-10

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