Dwarves, Celebrity Graves, Burn the Stage

When: Sat., Nov. 2, 9 p.m. 2013


With Dwarves' high-water mark, 1990's Blood Guts & Pussy, the G.G. Allin-aping punk rockers took caustic and brainlessly offensive hardcore and infused it with enough piss, vinegar, and shtick to make it go. They offered interesting takes on garage and psych-rock on other albums, but things got a little rote by the end of the '90s. In 2011, they released The Dwarves Are Born Again, another album with naked women on the cover and songs about how nothing's going to stop them and how they just live to fuck and get high. What's missing is the danger that used to come in the package. Is it weird to wish a band were more offensive? MATTHEW W. SINGER

Price: $13

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