El-P, Killer Mike, Despot, Kool AD

When: Sun., July 28, 7 p.m. 2013


When word came a while back that booming, thoughtful Southern rapper Killer Mike and hip, gritty NYC producer El-P were working together, some called them an odd couple. But last year, Mike's excellent solo album R.A.P. Music killed that talk, and now here's Run the Jewels to dig it up, smack it in the mouth, and call it names. Released as a free download—bargain of the year, y'all—Jewels finds Mike and El in battle-rap beastmode, trading off motormouthed, shit-talkin' verses with the cartoonish glee of a great horror movie. On R.A.P. Music, Killer Mike spit eloquently about race, gender, politics and beyond; 75 seconds into Jewels, he shoots a poodle as a typically combustible El-P beat soundbombs its way into your brain. And on "Get It," El sums the duo up thusly: "We're overly fucking awesome." He's 100 percent correct. BEN SALMON

Price: $18-20

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