Enslaved, Pallbearer, Ancient VVisdom

When: Sun., Feb. 10, 7:30 p.m. 2013


The metal magazines' and websites' 2012 best-of lists were all bursting with depressive doom bands. Taking it slow and heavy is all the rage these days, and Pallbearer is at the top of the heap. Their full-length debut, Sorrow and Extinction, is the perfect meld of tragic melodies and crawling sludge. Plus, the beautiful and decipherable vocals of Brett Campbell are a refreshing change of pace to the gurgling growls of other doom acts. And tonight, you'll be thanking the dark lord profusely for the sounds of Pallbearer, because you'll need that crushing doom to blast the diarrhetic shit that is Ancient Vvisdom out of your ears. If Staind and Creed were your bag back in the day, by all means, enjoy the acoustic jams of Vvisdom. But if you find an entire set of interludes and build-ups that lead to nothing useless, and you understand that two V's don't make a W, then you'll definitely want to turn your back to the suck. ARIS WALES

Price: $14


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