Fanno Creek, Melville, Bevelers

When: Wed., June 26, 9 p.m. 2013


Evan Hailstone and Quinn Mulligan's energy is infectious—if you're not singing along with them, you're falling into beat and folk-moshing in the front row. Whether they're crooning an ode to the blue-collar struggle or to a love you may never find, Fanno Creek's tone is raucous, accented by the shared lead harmonies. Dane Brist is an intuitive drummer, bringing an upbeat pop element to the songs. This is Fanno Creek's only announced Portland show of the summer, currently, so if you're an old or prospective fan, it's going to be a particularly grand time. Expect some new material from the trio, as they've been studiously at work recording a new album. RACHEL MILBAUER

Price: free

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