Family of the Year, Josh & Mer

When: Wed., Dec. 12, 8 p.m. 2012


Sorry, there will be no fun. tonight. The punctuation-happy pop juggernaut has postponed their Portland show for the second time in a row, apparently forgetting that "We Are Young" isn't the kind of sentiment that lasts forever. Fun. will be back in March, if you're still interested at that point. Fortunately, tonight's ticketholders can still amble down to the Crystal and catch Family of the Year for free, along with Portland duo Josh and Mer in the opening slot. (It'll cost you a buck to get in if you aren't already holding a fun. ticket.) LA's Family of the Year makes perfectly amiable folk-rock with slight hippie leanings; their latest, Loma Vista, is sun streaked, harmony laden, and almost suspiciously pretty. Repeat listens happily reveal there's little guile in their major-chord gushing, and rather than getting mired in empty pothead posturing (à la Edward Sharpe), Family of the Year offers a surprising amount of passion—and even a little vitriol—in their laidback strumming. NED LANNAMANN

Price: $1

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