Graves at Sea, Primitive Man, Bastard Feast, Hexis

When: Sat., Aug. 2, 9 p.m. 2014


Primitive Man is ugly and ruthless. The Denver trio's debut LP, Scorn (which Relapse reissued last year), is a slab of impenetrable heaviness—just absolutely merciless. Few doom bands get anywhere close to infusing their riffs with that kind of hatefulness, and you're gonna want a nice long bath after listening to it. Primitive Man is playing with a couple local heavyweights with new releases. The band formerly known as Elitist gas just released their first album since changing their name to Bastard Feast, and Osculum Infame will scratch your death metal itch. Meanwhile, Graves at Sea have a new split with Sourvein that's all riffs, no filler. MATTHEW W. SULLIVAN

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