Greylag, Yours, Luz Elena Mendoza & Nick Delffs

When: Wed., March 5, 9 p.m. 2014


Portland-based Greylag sounds like the soundtrack to one of those indie film montage scenes where a gaggle of photogenic twentysomethings decide to take a weekend getaway. More specifically, Greylag has that earthy Northwest bluegrass sound that's full of down-homey-ness. It would appear they've only been around a few years, but their orchestration is surprisingly tight and developed. Greylag's vocals sound like a hybrid of many familiar singers, but are undeniably pure and unaffected, and I can understand what the fuck the singer's singing, unlike so many other indie singers that always sound like they're chewing Skoal. Expect very sweet songs that will make you want to head to the coast for the weekend. ROSE FINN

Price: $8-10

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