Havania Whaal, Mister Tang, The Mishaps

When: Wed., Sept. 18, 9 p.m. 2013

Local trio Havania Whaal have been playing loud and poppy garage rock on drums, bass, and mandolin guitar for more than a year now. Tonight the band celebrates the release of Château de Chienne, their noisy and fuzzed-out 10-track cassette album. The release is packed with all the rollicking energy you might expect from a lo-fi rock band, but it's the underlying current of sweeter pop elements on a song like "My Dude" that manage to cling tightly to your brain. "Teen Guilt" sees both sides of this sound collide. The track lulls you in, building ever so slightly for two minutes, then completely shifts gears and explodes with driving rhythm and bloodcurdling shrieks and shouts from every angle. If the music video for Havania Whaal's "Foine" is any indication of how this band parties, tonight could very well end up escalating into a real shit show. CHIPP TERWILLIGER

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