Hey Marseilles, Deep Sea Diver

When: Sat., March 2, 8 p.m. 2013


The Decemberists-shaped hole in our collective heart is about to be filled, kind of, by Hey Marseilles' second LP, Lines We Trace. With his conversationally mournful manner of singing, Matt Bishop still sounds an awful lot like Colin Meloy, but this album is darker and more somber than To Travels and Trunks. The exhilarating sense of discovery has been replaced by an earnest staring-into-the-eyeballs of the moments that make your heart swell, punctuated by those lovely strings. Most of the band's seven members write songs in various combinations and permutations, which means that there's a welcome range of styles, though the album sounds of a piece. The music is self-serious, but that's not a negative, nor is the absence of a drum machine and loops. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $12-15

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