Cafeteria Dance Fever, Hornet Leg, Charts

When: Wed., July 31, 9 p.m. 2013


When recording their EP, Vacation, Charts took their sound up a notch; from the dust and grime of the basement rose a refined fuzz that retained its signature lo-fi hiss, but shone brightly. The echoey tones and gravelly guitar remained, but were imbued with upbeat intention and style. Led by Michael Rowan's drone-hinged, candid vocals, the trio are more on point and intense than ever, with room to be playful (bassist Andrew Clyde will likely hop off stage for at least one song of their set). Their music is a double-edged pick-me-up, simultaneously joyful and dark. Plucky guitar chords give way to moody bass lines, and glittering drums pair with piercing, straight-faced vocals. Tonight they join two of their new Hovercraft labelmates, Hornet Leg and the incalculable Cafeteria Dance Fever. RACHEL MILBAUER

Price: free

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