Human Eye, Sex, Little Pilgrims

When: Wed., Sept. 18, 9 p.m. 2013


Human Eye play post-apocalyptic proto-garage from Detroit. They're led by Timmy Vulgar, formerly of the Clone Defects. Word is they don't get out much. But when they do, Human Eye bring the Motor City with them—not only the raw, driving, destitute sounds of the industrial Midwest, but also its gnarled, post-industrial, bloodshot eyes. This is confrontational shit. It's loud, screeching, and proudly unrefined. It's spit and beer and an intellect sharpened by concrete and mud. Along with Human Eye are Sex, a new project from Hart Gledhill (formerly of the Hunches) and Rod Meyer (of Eat Skull). No word as to what Sex sound like, or if they've even rehearsed. Gledhill, however, became animated—and agitated—when describing Human Eye. "Just talk about the urgency of getting your pizza on time from Domino's delivery drivers from Detroit, and RoboCop," he said, as if the implications were obvious. "Domino's is from Detroit," he explained. "Drivers were killed. Tim [of Human Eye]delivered for them. Do I need to explain RoboCop as well?" ANDREW R TONRY

Price: $5

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