Hurry Up, Palo Verde, Tyrants

When: Sat., April 6, 8 p.m. 2013


Tyrants make music that sounds like Captain Beefheart fronting a skinny-tie band. Like the late Cap'n, this music is defined by brief, inconclusive brushes with consonance and the resultant psych-outs: As soon as the rhythm starts to steady, it jumps ahead or lags behind; as quickly as a discernible, hummable melody begins to surface, it veers off into sour discordance. Seeing Tyrants live is something of an "experience." There's a lot of confusing performance art stuff involved in their live show: The drummer plays a kit consisting only of a hi-hat and a snare, and the bassist/vocalist has the mic stand adjusted at a third of his height, and as a result has to sort of crouch in order for his mouth to be level to the microphone. It would seem hokey or superfluous if the music were any different than it is, but with Tyrants it all somehow makes sense. Keep Portland weird, dudes. MORGAN TROPER

Price: $6

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