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The Save 39th Avenue group continues its fight against the renaming of 39th Avenue to César E. Chávez Boulevard, arguing that it is not eligible for renaming, since 39th ends in Milwaukie. Eric Fruits, head of Save 39th Avenue, alleges that since Kimbrough Road in Milwaukie was changed to 39th Avenue to match the metro grid in 1975, the street does in fact extend beyond Portland's borders. City staffer Kurt Krueger says that's invalid—39th dead ends before Johnson Creek Boulevard, within Portland, then restarts in Milwaukie. "They're trying to find any sort of flaw to hold up the process," syas Krueger. A council hearing on the rename is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23. RACHAEL MARCUS


The city noise control office is pulling the plug on late-night parties at the food carts on SE 12th and Hawthorne. The popular corner, home to a variety of fine fried foods, drew hundreds of hungry fans with a series of epic, 'til-4 am parties earlier this year, but raised the ire of some neighbors and police officers. "We've been pushed pretty hard by the police bureau to recognize this as a problem area," explains Noise Control Officer Paul van Orden. "It's not a very logical thing for us to keep issuing permits." SARAH MIRK


Homeless activism group Soapbox under the Bridge took advantage of a loophole in the city's controversial anti-camping law on Saturday night, June 13, to draw attention to its inequity. It's legal to camp out before a parade, so eight activists camped on the north side of Pioneer Courthouse Square, fending off angry rent-a-cops who told them the "park" closed at midnight. Eventually they were allowed to remain after producing all the relevant legal documentation. "We're celebrating the fact that the anti-camping ordinance has a loophole," said activist Barry Joe Stull. "If camping is so dangerous, why allow it on a few nights each year?" MATT DAVIS


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