Jamie Lidell, Empress Of, Ludwig Persik

When: Sat., March 30, 9 p.m. 2013


Jamie Lidell's metamorphosis from riveting electronic-music experimentalist to slightly left-of-center R&B crooner has not always been satisfying. Blessed with a chameleonic soul man's voice and expert beatboxing skills, Lidell peaked with 2005's Multiply, a phenomenal convergence of challenging and accessible tracks. Since then, though, he's leaned a bit too hard on sentimental balladry and rote, slick dance numbers. The new Jamie Lidell album reveals flashes of his mid-'00s brilliance, but more often sounds effortfully mediocre. Lidell's more conventional moves likely have made his label and manager happy, but they've surely left many fans of his earlier, riskier works disgruntled. Here's hoping Lidell brings to the Doug Fir some of the next-level funk and vocal origami that left a speaker smoking at 2006 Bumbershoot. DAVE SEGAL

Price: $15

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