Julianna Barwick, Hannah Epperson

When: Sat., Nov. 23, 8 p.m. 2013

Ambient music possesses a unique ability to make writers erupt with fancy adjectives. However, while "sweeping" and "ethereal" are ostensibly apt to describe Julianna Barwick's songs, their presence here feels futile; the strength of her latest album, Nepenthe, lies in its ability to strike on a cellular level. The instrumentation is spare and there are very few discernible lyrics, yet the way she loops and layers her voice—like a fresco viewable only to the somatic nervous system—is enough to leave you sobbing over a loved one or reveling in a sense of calm. And once her loop station starts spewing towering sounds into the rafters of the Old Church, you will follow Barwick's lead and eschew words as well; sometimes, there is just no need. RAQUEL NASSER

Price: $13-16

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