Leftover Crack, Hammered Grunts, Hepsi, Juicy Karkass, FM & RD

When: Sat., June 30, 7 p.m. 2012


Leftöver Crack, as a name, is a perfect oxymoron, 'cause as any good crack smoker knows—there ain't never no leftovers. The name is the only thing ironic about the band, though. Otherwise, they're 100 percent anarcho-ska-punks that formed in 1998 in New York City; this Portland show is part of a reunion tour. There are also rumors of a brand-new album, which would be the first full-length in more than eight years, following the legendary Fuck World Trade. That album was pure politico gold, featuring Bush, Cheney, and Giuliani gassing the towers on the cover—an image that got the album banned from chain stores like Best Buy and Walmart. The Cracks are also banned from many venues, so I high-five Branx for its bravery. KELLY O

Price: $15


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