Let it Whip

Dam Funk, Rev Shines, Maxx Bass, Gwizski, Sex Life DJs, King Tim 33.3

When: Thu., Feb. 20, 9 p.m. 2014


After a few years of putting free mixes, remixes, demo tracks, digital singles, and other stray-funk ephemera out on the internet, the SoCal producer known as Dam-Funk came through with a couple of actual albums in the second half of 2013. One was called Higher, a glistening retro-space-funk collaboration with Steve Arrington, the singer from '70s Ohio funk band Slave. The other—released under the name 7 Days of Funk—paired Dam with rap icon Snoop Dogg for a laid-back, trunk-rattling tour of the best after-the-afterparty of the year. (It also reaffirmed that P-Funk-powered hiphop is Snoop's comfort zone; 7 Days' self-titled is his best effort in a long time.) Point is: It was nice to finally have real Dam-Funk recordings to enjoy, but ultimately, that won't matter much on Thursday when he arrives in Portland to reduce Holocene's Let It Whip dance party to a quivering puddle of bass-heavy boogie-funk. BEN SALMON

Price: $10

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