Local Natives, Superhumanoids

When: Thu., April 25, 9 p.m. 2013


Local Natives' second album, Hummingbird, is an altogether less showy album than 2009's Gorilla Manor. It's not nearly as fun. But it does what the first album didn't come close to doing—it makes me take this band seriously. Plus, it's fantastically beautiful. On Gorilla Manor, they seemed like capable musicians who wore their influences a little too obviously, like the new kid at school trying to fit in with the right pair of shoes. But on this second album, the post-punk party vibe has given way to a lovely, sparkling melancholy. This is a remarkable counterpoint to the complicated percussion that has always been the band's best feature. Taylor Rice's voice also seems better suited to longer, dreamier songs like "Breakers" than the more extroverted songs on Gorilla Manner. The somber beauty is, at least in part, thanks to National guitarist Aaron Dessner, who produced and acted a sort of fifth band member. REBECCA WILSON

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