Miracles of Modern Science, Sama Dams, Catherine Feeny

When: Tue., March 26, 9 p.m. 2013


What a tangled web Sama Dams weaves, and what an enjoyable one to get caught in. The Portland group—named after their clarion-voiced frontman, with the space moved one letter over to avoid confusion with our former mayor—release their new full-length, No Vengeance, at tonight's show. It's a challenging, mathy step forward for the local trio, embracing the technical intricacies of bands like Dirty Projectors and Slint and shrugging off the band's cozier, folkier sound of the past. It's also a phenomenally impressive piece of work, demonstrating a fearless exploratory spirit as opposed to trying to be willfully obscure. While I haven't yet found anything on No Vengeance that hits me on a gut level like their splendid 2011 EP Draw This Bitter Blood, I'm gonna keep listening—no matter what level of accessibility they're working on, Sama Dams is one of Portland's most interesting, and best, bands. NED LANNAMANN

Price: $3

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